Staff and Representatives of AMI

Dr. Dennis Bourns

Dr. Dennis Bourns is the founder and international director of AMI. Dennis functions as an apostle and prophet, giving leadership to AMI, he and his wife Nancy and their three married children and 9 grand children live in Phoenix, AZ. USA. Dennis serves on the leadership team at Destination Church Phoenix, which he planted in 1985, he and his wife and family all attend Destination Church.

Dennis has been in ministry over 40 years, ministered in 52 countries, Dennis is committed to empowered disciple making, as a spiritual father investing in spiritual sons. He speaks and ministers with authority and manifestation of the Spirit.

Apostle Andrew Montgomery

Apostle Andrew Montgomery, is founder and director of AMI Ireland. He and his wife Hilary live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, they have two married children, and two baby grandsons. Andrew is also associate pastor on the leadership team of Destination Church Belfast.

The Spirit revealed and appointed Andrew to seek and connect with apostle Dennis Bourns in 2003. Andrew went on a ministry trip with Dennis in 2003 to Africa, had a spiritual life changing experience, resulting in ministering in 23 countries. He has developed in prophetic and apostolic ministry, become director of AMI Ireland, become part of a church planting team. Started the AMI intern-program in Northern Ireland, which has raised up many who can manifest the power of the Spirit.

Ted Fowler

Ted Fowler- Apostolic Intern. He and his wife Shanna and four children live in Cave Creek, AZ. USA. Two years ago Ted found himself hungry for more of a reality of God, although he did not comprehend what he was hungry for, being a long time friend of Luke Bourns (Dennis son) Ted was telling Luke of his hunger, and need for a church where God would be present. Ted was invited to AMI church- Destination Church Phoenix, he and his wife encounter God and were filled with the Spirit. Soon after Ted met Dennis he enrolled in the AMI intern program and began to travel and minister with Dennis, he has ministered in Mexico, Northern Ireland, Swaziland and Haiti. Ted has excelled and is now also serving AMI as administrator and videographer.

Miguel Gomez

Miguel Gomez- is director of AMI Latin America and founding pastor of Compassion Church in Vera Cruz, Mexico. Miguel and his wife Jenny have three son’s they live in Vera Cruz, MX. Miguel is a spiritual son of Dr. Dennis Bourns and they have been in relationship over 20 years. Miguel and Jenny were missionaries in Spain when in 2006 a circumstance had them seek apostle Dennis Bourns for counsel.

Dennis at that time prophesy to Miguel that he was to go home to Vera Cruz and plant a church, Miguel received that prophetic word, planted Compassion Church in 2006, which is a flourishing church today. Miguel is a gifted leader with many abilities including an apostolic calling that is obviously producing apostolic fruit.

Pastor David Chillyumba

Pastor David Chillyumba- is development director of AMI Africa and founding pastor of Destiny Church in Mbabane, Swaziland. He and his wife and daughter live in Mbabane.David is a spiritual son of Dr. Dennis Bourns and has been in relationship with Dennis for many years. David’s leadership gift has allowed him to be a leader of leaders from a very young age.

David is well known throughout Africa, as he has had a television ministry broadcast that has gone out to millions of viewers enriching their faith. David is a gifted preacher and communicator, with an apostolic heart.